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We keep our members connected and informed by encouraging networking, providing important legal documents and advice, equipping them with the tools for recovering aged receivables and keeping them posted with the latest scam and defaulter alerts. Membership to Accountability comes with unique benefits over and above the unique services that we offer to our clients.


We refer to this service as Accessibility. Our members agree to make themselves available to be contacted by other businesses for marketing purposes and in return have the opportunity to contact other members to promote their own products and services.


Our members have access to several downloadable legal documents, such as Credit Application Forms, Acknowledgement of Debt and Criminal Consent Forms. Where possible, we assist members by providing limited advice pertaining to their particular actions or legal standing.


Members may purchase colour Accountability stickers to attach to invoices or statements. Stickers are also available in a digital format, enabling them to be added to electronic invoices. Our graphics are usually instantly recognizable and they indicate that our members are also equipped for recovering aged receivables.


We inform our membership base of the scams currently circulating in addition to highlighting habitual defaulters.

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Note: Legislation demands that these notices be sent to debtors before a listing can take place according to Regulation 19(4). Our statistics show a 98% response from debtors to our members' initial Notice. The fundamental reason for the high response rate is a result of the warning that our member intends to list their debtor on the databases of the largest Credit Bureaus as a defaulter. This action will result in the debtor losing credit worthiness.


Should the debtor not have responded or paid according to the content of the Notice. Our member completes the "Add to Database Form B" whereby Accountability is instructed to list the member's debtor as a defaulter on the databases of the Credit Bureaus. Once listed, a second letter is sent to the debtor confirming that they have been listed and in order to rectify the situation, they should pay our member in full. Not all credit grantors, such as banks, clothing stores, chain stores and any other companies that extend credit, may consider an active defaulter. Should they provide credit, they open themselves to a case of reckless lending and the National Credit Regulator can impose a fine of up to 10% of their annual turnover upon them.


If the defaulter pays our member after being listed, our member informs Accountability to update the listing in terms of section 71A of the NCA no 34 of 2005 as amended.

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Accountability members are able to collect their own debts, but in certain cases where they are not successful, members can access the services of independently registered debt collectors by using the Accountability system. We ensure that our members remain in control of this process and assure that collection times are generally much shorter than traditional forms of debt collection.


Accountability is not a debt-collecting agency. However, in some cases, members recognise that either their debtor is unable to pay them or the debtor is too valuable to lose in that they make up a significant portion of the member's business and loss of that customer would be fatal to their business. In order to maintain their relationship with their customer, members may be willing to arrange favourable payment terms for their debtor instead of listing them with the Credit Bureaus. We have entered into strategic partnerships with registered debt collectors to act upon our member’s instruction to collect as much of the outstanding amount from a debtor as possible. No legal action will commence until this service has run its course.


Utilising litigation to recover unpaid accounts should be the last option for our members, because it entails a high cost and is a long, drawn out process. For this reason, we propose that members engage attorneys for collections only once they have listed their debtors. We have identified a number of independent legal firms throughout South Africa who are able to assist our members in the event that litigation becomes necessary.

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Our members are in a position to make more informed decisions due to having access to information they can trust. Through our relationships with the major Credit Bureaus in South Africa, members have access to credit-active databases of more than 22 million consumers and 3 million businesses. Accountability assists members from diverse industries in managing their risk and relationships better throughout their customers' credit lifecycles.


Reduce the risk of taking on new business clients, partners or suppliers by obtaining in-depth information on both businesses and their principals from respective Credit Bureaus through the Accountability portal. This information regarding current and future debtors helps our members to assess the risk associated with trading with them.


Our members have access to current, comprehensive information on virtually every credit-active adult in South Africa. Depending on your needs, you can supplement these reports with additional consumer information.

Consumer Trace

Find missing debtors - even those who have been difficult to reach. We can help you take early action by tracing and locating individuals quickly with the latest contact information available.

Identity Verification

This solution compares the input ID to an ID verification database to confirm the validity of the ID number and associated forename and surname. The ID verification database confirms when it detects information that does not match the ID status verified by the Department of Home Affairs.

Trace Alerts

If you have not been able to locate an individual, you may place a Trace Alert which means you will be notified instantly when new contact information is received by the Credit Bureaus. Trace Alerts are issued on changes in residential address, postal address, telephone numbers (home, work or cellular) and employer.


This is a pro-active, detailed summary found on the main dashboard, reporting the businesses that we have listed and updated on the National Database.


A bank code is a report that establishes the financial position of an individual or business for a specific amount. Their banks' branch manager provides this code, which is valid for a period of 24 hours from issue. The BANK CODE 24 takes 24 working hours. The FULL AND GENERAL report provides further information on the account, such as the date opened and conduct. This can take up to 3 working days.

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Our members have access to search for information about properties in South Africa that belong to a certain person, company or Trust. This includes property information, owner information, property and municipal valuation, comparative sales, bond and transfer information, area maps, amenities and suburb trends.


The Judgement Removal process allows Accountability members to instruct affiliated attorneys, BLV, to start the process of judgement removals for either commercial or consumers. There are 7 different ways of approaching the judgement removals process. BLV will evaluate each case to determine which type of process is required in order to get the judgement properly removed via the court system. They will then forward a quotation against the exact process to the person via email.

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If you do not currently have a credit report you can acquire one by clicking the button below.

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